About Randall Contracting Limited

Originally a small family business, R Randall  started out in 1956, specialising in haulage and site clearance. Over the years, the company grew and expanded into Construction, Enabling  and Civil Engineering Works and is now run and owned by the founders son, Stephen Randall

About us

Randall Contracting Ltd, as it is now, with logistics and construction plant support from Randall Plant Ltd, has continued to maintain the company ethos of  attention to detail, quality and service first, ensuring that the business continues to prosper and grow.  This dedication to customer service has generated an ever expanding list of satisfied clients, with repeat business forming a large proportion of our turnover.

A team of dedicated and highly experienced managers and site supervisors uphold these values and ensures that every project is carried out to the highest standards of Safety, quality and client satisfaction. This approach to work is instilled in every member of our team. So to encourage and nurture both existing and new members, the company supports Health and Safety, NVQ and professional training programmes in a range of disciplines – both administrative and operational to help develop their future careers . Stephen himself started out learning the business from the bottom up and as a young man could be found on site operating excavators and other plant, so he fully appreciates the importance in investing in future staff development and training.

Teamwork is fundamental to our success, not just within our own management structure but extending that process to every project we undertake. We positively engage with the Client and professional team, so are not just there simply to do a job, but also bring our knowledge and wealth of experience to the table to assist and advise wherever possible.

Although firmly founded on traditional values, we continue to look to the future, embracing modern techniques, materials and plant to ensure we offer the quality of service our clients expect .   To find out more, follow the links below.

Randall Contracting Services and Randall Plant Ltd

Health and safety

Construction, its not a game, its a serious business where lives are potentially at risk, so we take Health and Safety very seriously indeed.  We ensure that all our management and employees are trained to the highest levels in health and safety and task specific training. Each member of our team has a monitored individual training programme and refresher training is scheduled as required.

As a long term accredited member of the NFDC we are site audited on a regular basis for training, site set up and working methods in order to maintain our accreditation.  All our sites are inspected by our health and safety advisor on a regular basis throughout the contract term.

Our external Health and Safety Consultants are THSP with additional on site support from our advisors Botson Daniels & Associates.

Sustainablity and Environment

The future of this planet can be guided by the hands of those who care and commit.  That's why Randall Contracting is committed to reducing the environmental impact of everything we do as a company. We worked extensively with the University of East London in preparing our environmental policy and strategy.  Some of the measures we have already put in place are:

  • Targeting 96% of waste materials from our sites for recycling
  • Commitment to BREAMM schemes
  • Collection of rainwater on site and in yard for use with dust sprays and vehicle washing
  • Using waste and recycling centres local to project location and strict waste management planning
  • Commitment to halving landfill
  • Journey planning to and from site
  • Investment in the latest plant and equipment
  • Installing recycling bins on site and at our offices

This is not the end of the list, it's just the beginning. We continue to explore all avenues to help try and make our world a cleaner, sustainable and environmentally friendlier place to live in.

Local Environment and the Community

When considering our environment, we must not just consider the global impact of our actions but also locally and how the lives of people and their day to day living are affected by the works we are carrying out. With any demolition or construction related project there are always concerns from those living and working close to the site. These are primarily dust, noise, increased traffic movements, and security of the site – this is of particular concern to parents.

Making contact with the community is an integral part of our project planning process. We have a designated Community Liaison Officer who works alongside our site management team for this purpose. Our work is primarily in inner city locations where there is a very diverse cultural mix of people. Before we begin the contact process we research the area by spending time monitoring pedestrian and traffic movements, contacting neighbourhood associations, visiting schools and local businesses.