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General Civil Engineering Works

Randall Contracting Ltd are experienced in undertaking a wide range of Civil Engineering works including:

  • General groundworks;
  • Reinforced concrete foundations and structures;
  • Car parks, roads, surfacing and infrastructure projects;
  • Deep drainage;
  • Earthworks;
  • Site clearance and preparation including remediation.

Major Structural Alterations

It is becoming more and more common for buildings to undergo a complete change of use with old factory buildings being converted to office space, offices being converted to residential, the list is long and varied however, the common factor is, change is required. This may be simple but more often than not, will require reconfiguration of the existing structure to suit its new use, removing supporting walls or even adding additional storey height, stairways and lifts.

It can be a complicated and risky undertaking for the inexperienced and ill advised but, not for us at Randall Contracting, as it is an opportunity to demonstrate some of the many skills in which we excel and thrive on and deliver a building to the client, ready for fit out and its new use.

Builders in Essex

Basement Excavation And Construction

Whether it’s an existing property that’s undergoing renovations and improvement, or a new large scale commercial building requiring deep basement formation, the team at Randall Contracting Ltd are experienced and well equipped to tackle the most complex basement projects. Underpinning, piling, temporary works, dewatering and waterproofing, whatever is required, Randall Contracting have the knowhow to confidently deliver on time and on budget.

Builders in Essex

Major Service Installation And Coordination With Statutory Authorities

A common problem with many new projects is the presence of existing services, either on the client’s side or utilities owned by statutory authorities. They may need removal, diversion or possibly upgrading to suit the requirements of the planned project. Randall Contracting have years of experience dealing with this type of situation, often in the role of Enabling Works Contractor, preparing a development site for the main project works.


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Civil Engineering works
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Major structural alterations
Builders in Essex
Basement excavation and construction
Major service diversions
Large scale service installation and coordination with Statutory Authorities
Specialists in Modular unit construction
Specialists in modular unit construction utilising shipping containers
General building works
General Building works
Exhumation works

Enabling works

Enabling works, encompasses every aspect of works required for site preparation to clear the way and enable the main construction contract to proceed unencumbered and focused on the end goal. Enabling works therefore cannot be defined as one discipline but, links across to combine many of our other specialist service areas of construction and demolition. A good Enabling Works Contractor must be versatile, adaptable and have a good working knowledge of a variety of specialist industry disciplines. Randall Contracting Ltd, with its highly qualified and experienced management team and proven track record, are just that contractor and well equipped to tackle the most demanding and varied enabling works projects.

Demolition And Temporary Works

Complete demolition of building and structures
Temporary works
Facade retention
Facade retention

Support Services

Randall Contracting can also offer a range of logistic and construction support services to our clients, via our own plant company, Randall Plant Ltd. This gives Randall Contracting the ability to reduce its dependence on external hauliers and plant specialists which not only allows us to be more competitive but, also enables us to supplement or replace hauliers and plant suppliers at a moment’s notice, giving us the flexibility and means to respond quickly and efficiently to any situation.

  • Plant Hire
  • Specialist excavator and attachment hire
  • Robotic demolition plant
  • Waste management and removal
  • Construction Labour