The “New Normal”

A lot has changed here over the last few months, as we adjust to what is now the “New Normal”. Covid Safe measures are firmly in place and have become second nature in the same way as all other Health and Safety measures have become. However, as with all Health and Safety matters, we must always be monitoring and reviewing and never ever become complacent. As much as we all want to move on and put the past behind us, we must not forget the losses that many individuals and businesses suffered. Also, how the fantastic NHS staff and all key workers, literally put their health and, potentially their lives, on the line to help this country get through the most unprecedented of times and continue to do so whilst this pandemic prevails.

But move on and look forward we must and here at Randall Contracting there is a renewed enthusiasm and vitality emerging, as work load is steadily increasing again and our estimators are fully engaged in tendering for some fantastic projects. We have also taken on new office staff and invested in new transport, including more environmentally friendly Euro 6 vans and a DAF 32t Hook loader. We may have had the rug pulled from under us during lockdown but, we are now getting firmly back on track and that is testament to the great team we have here at Randalls…”when the going gets tough” well, you know the rest !!

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