Althorne Way, Dagenham

As part of a major housing regeneration scheme, we were contracted by Barking and Dagenham Local Authority to demolish a six storey block of flats in Althorne Way, Dagenham and, to clear the way for a new social housing development.

The building to be demolished was surrounded by buildings of similar size or larger, with local schools, shops, supermarket and leisure centre in close proximity. The potential impact on the local residents and their environment, unless properly managed, was immense. The lead in to taking possession of the site was therefore utilised to fully monitor pedestrian and vehicle traffic movements, initiate contact with local residents, schools and businesses to make them fully aware of the works ahead and listen to any concerns. A construction management plan was then formulated to effectively manage and control potential environmental issues, such as noise, dust, vibration and traffic management, using well tried and tested methods, together with taking on board any particular local concerns that had become apparent in our pre-start research.

The building was demolished using excavator mounted breakers lifted onto the roof by crane and then breaking down floor by floor in a strictly controlled sequence, to a level where standard reach excavators could safely complete the works.

Throughout the project we continued to engage with the local residents and also visited schools to help raise awareness of the dangers of building sites.






11 months


Principal Contractor

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