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Demolition Companies to pitch for Demolition of Centre

Demolition Companies have been asked by Barking and Dagenham to express their interest in to demolish the Goresbrook. The sports centre has become redundant since the new centre was built in Dagenham.

Goresbrook Leisure Centre due for Demolition, Demolition Companies
Goresbrook Leisure Centre – to be demolished in Dagenham.

The work is due to start in the Spring. Randall Contracting are one of the local Demolition Companies who are very interested in working on this project.

Randall Contracting Demolition services have worked with Barking and Dagenham on a number of Demolition Projects in the past including the demolition of the Kingsbridge Care home.

Local Benefits by using a Barking Based Demolition Company

Managing Director Stephen Randall said, as a local Demolition Company if we manage to win the Tender it will certainly be of benefit to the local community as many of the Randall Contracting workforce are local and using a local company will reduce the environmental impact.

The environmental impact of our work is one of our priorities and we are constantly looking at ways to reduce our impact.

Olympic Success

Currently the Gascoigne Leisure Centre is guarded by a security company to protect against theft. The centre was used by the Olympic Boxing Team in preperation for their successful Olympic Campaign so it is a shame that it has to be demolished.

Randall is one of the East Ends Leading Demolition Companies and has worked on a wide range of demolition projects for Local authorities, Housing Associations etc

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