Demolition of Garages - Small to Large Scale Demolition

Demolition of Garages
Rubbish found in the Garages needs to be cleared before Demolition

Demolition of Garages for London Borough of Newham

Demolition work will begin this work on some more Garages for Newham Council.

The Garages are just part of a whole series of Garages that Randall Contracting Demolition services have carried out for the Council with whom they have been an approved supplier for some years.

Rubbish Clearance

Many of these garages contain rubbish which has to be cleared. Some of the waste is hazardous materials such as syringes. Randall Contracting trained staff will remove this waste to licensed disposal centres and wear protective clothing.

Any unidentified materials will be sampled and sent away for testing before being removed and the site hoarded for protection.

In some of the other garages that were demolished earlier in the year people had been living in them.

Demolition work

Randall Contracting Demolition services have worked with the London Borough of Newham on a variety of Demolition Projects for large and small scale demolition projects.

Fly Tipping Clearance

Randall Contracting have also carried out quite a bit of work removing fly tipping in the Borough and the waste materials found are similar to those contained in the garages.

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