Demolition News - The sad passing of Richard Comley

In Memory of an Industry Gentleman

On Tuesday 11th June, NFDC and IDE members will have been confronted with emails and phone calls regarding the devastating news of Richard Comley’s untimely passing.

Sadness, shock and sympathy are a few of the emotions that consumed the entire industry on this tragic day and emotions that have been left hanging over us all ever since.

Richard (Managing Director of Comley Demolition) will have been known by many through his active roles within the NDTG and IDE. A member of the IDE Council Committee and Vice Chairman of the NDTG, Richard has been instrumental in making the industry a safer place for those following in his footsteps.

His positive attitude and ‘smiles all around’ approach had a tendency to lighten up rooms full of committee members and politics, however in such a way that he has helped steer our industry to what it is today.

Richard was always keen to share knowledge and believed others should do the same. This belief forms the core of the industry CCDO card scheme as we know it, and despite the scheme changes over the years, Richard has fought to ensure it remains true to its core.

William Sinclair, President of the NFDC describes Richard as ‘the Best President the NFDC never had’. Richard may not have been honoured with the Chain of Office, but his decisions, his input and his industry duties have without doubt been carried out honourably, respectfully and with the utmost integrity.. all that can be asked from by our industry gentleman.

Sadness, shock and sympathy, those emotions that hang over us today. Sadness due to the loss of our industry friend. Shock as his positive attitude and ‘smiles all around’ approach had never faded. And sympathy for the loving family he has left behind. Our thoughts are now with his devoted wife Julia, his son Toby and his daughter Jennifer. As an industry we are always family.

Donations gratefully received to Richards’ desired Charity – Bright Research.

During his treatment Richard held many Fund Raising events and managed to raise over £6000.00 during the last 18 months.