Demolition London - LPS Buildings During Demolition

What is the best way to demolish a building constructed using the LPS system.?

Large Panel  Structure (LPS) Tower Blocks are now making way for new modern Tower Blocks and we are often asked what is the best method for taking them down.
The Safety versus Cost question comes into play here. The safest method is to use a crane to deconstruct these icons of the 1960’s.

Southwark Council opted for this method when they began work on demolishing the Heygate Estate because of the safety aspect and control of dust pollution. Lower rise blocks can be taken down by high reach but there have been many instances when high reach was used on  the higher blocks and collapses have taken place. Many of these blocks never had reinforcement measures made to them after the famous collapse of Ronan point.

Lower rise blocks can be taken down using high reach but there has to be a lot of space around the building and supportive measures used to avoid incidents.







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