Demolition in London

Demolition in London

Demolition in London is alive and well as far as Randall Contracting Demolition in London are concerned.

Currently we are in the process of just finishing the Demolition of an old Hotel in London for a main contractor and just about to start the Groundworks Package. This project involved constructing and inserting as a steel frame in the building before it could be demolished. Then it was taken down by hand.

We are also in the process of demolishing 3 more Garage sites for Newham Council. These former residential garages have now become home to drug users, the homeless in some cases and fly tipping hot spots.

We have also just finished strip out works on an old Cinema in Clapton

With a have a number of projects that we have tendered for and are waiting for confirmation as to whether we have been successful.

Demolition in London seems to be quite healthy and other contracting companies all appearing to be busy.

We demolish anything from Garages to Towerblocks . Telephone 020 8709 1870
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Demolition in London
Work is nearly complete on the demolition of a Hotel in London