Demolition Advice - Asking for a demolition quote

Asking for a Demolition Quote – Demolition Advice

Demolition Advice – As a demolition company we increasingly get enquiries from people looking for an instant quote.

Unfortunately demolishing a building is not like buying widgets and there are a number of things we need to know as follows;

Asbestos – Has the property had an Asbestos Demolition Survey

We cannot demolish a building unless we see a copy of a survey. We can arrange a survey with one of our suppliers at cost.

Any asbestos has to be removed and disposed of by a licensed contractor.

There are two forms of asbestos, notifiable and non notifiable. If notifiable is present then the HSE has to be informed. Non-notifiable can be removed by a demolition contractor but under controlled conditions.

Demolition Advice
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Have you got planning permission?

Demolition requires Planning Permission from your local planning office.

Has the property got a party (shared) wall

An agreement will need to be made for insurance purposes in the event of any structural damage during the demolition.

Are there any services to be disconnected

We cannot demolish a property if electric, water or gas services are still connected.

You will need to contact your energy supplier to arrange this.

What is access to the building like?

Does it have plenty of space around it or is it in an area with restricted access? Is its close to residential areas or are there any issues with the surrounding areas, etc

We are happy to visit site and discuss any project with you.

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