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Randall Contracting –¬†Civil Engineering

Randall Contracting have plenty of experience in a wide range of Civil Engineering projects in London.

Current projects include laying drainage for a redevelopment of large industrial units in East London and water mains repairs at a similar site.

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Civil Engineering Contractors in London

As part of our recent project at Box Park, Shoreditch we had to carry out Civil Engineering works to the site which included levelling the ground, building a supporting wall and installing drainage and locate and connect to water and electricity supplies. Then railway sleepers were laid on the ground and 60 large containers were craned in and positioned on the containers. The containers were on two levels and the upper ones had a steel frame fitted on which the upper ones were laid and fixed onto. The containers were insulated and shop fitted to make a designer retail village.

See our short video on this London civil engineering project below.

Randall were not appointed as the main contractor for this civil engineering project, however after the initial civil works we were asked to project manage the work in conjunction with the developers site agent. The project was a great success and there are a number of other similar projects which will take place in London. Randall Contracting hope to be involved in these.

Civil Engineering Companies

As a Civil Engineering Company in London Randall work with E.on Combined Heat and Citigen on a contract basis and this involves a lot of civil engineering work in London where Citigen have a power station located in Farringdon. This power station provides heating to a large number of large office buildings in central London.

The Civil Engineering work we have carried out in London includes:

  • Excavation and repair of Steam Pipes to excess of 6 metres deep
  • Roof Repairs
  • Repairs to Fire Protection
  • Rendering Plant wall
  • Diamond Drilling and Cutting
  • Repainting of stairways and walkways

The repair work to pipes requires work in confined spaces and working around new and old services such as old Victorian drains, electrics and telecommunications that are under the streets of London. Our staff have to be fully trained with all appropriate certificates for this type of work.

Randall – A Civil Engineering Company in London

Although there are many civil engineering companies in London, Randall Contracting are one of the leaders in the field not least because of the wide variety of London civil engineering work we do.

Other Civil Engineering work in London has included exhumation work to remove human remains from old burial sites in London prior to construction work, concrete repair, road and paving repairs as well as resurfacing of Car Parks.

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